Hotel Reservations

Don’t want to miss a second of Boskone? Consider staying overnight! Boskone negotiates special hotel rates to keep you comfy and warm during the convention.

Boskone Rates

Single/Double rate: $162
Triple rate: $172
Quad rate: $182

These rates include in-room wifi and are available until January 18, 2016.

Info icon Known reservation issues

  • Browsers: IE and Opera have had reported problems with the hotel reservation pages.
  • Handicapped accessible: After you reserve a handicapped-accessible room,  email so we will make sure your room is correct.
  • SPG Rewards: The last names of all people on the reservation need to match the last name associated with the SPG number. If people in your party have different last names, you can add them at check in or email

Need a mobie? Contact the Westin directly at 617-532-4600. With at least one week’s notice before Boskone, they can help you rent one.

If you have any issues with your hotel reservation, contact as soon as possible.