Demos and Discussions

Boskone boasts rich art programming full of live demos, discussion and exhibits. See our Artists in action as they create a new painting right before your eyes! Also, check out the art show for a unique look at some of the best art in the speculative fiction world.

Art Show

This year’s Art Show will showcase original works by Official Artist Richard Anderson, in addition to artists from the New England states and beyond. The show will have 100 panels plus about a dozen tables for 3-D work.

For those interested in taking a piece of original art home, the Art Show hosts a silent auction which runs through throughout the weekend, closing at noon on Sunday. Winning bids and art show sales occur from 1-3pm on Sunday.

The Art Show opens Friday night with a special reception.

Official Artist: Richard Anderson

richard AndersonRichard is a senior artist working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. His projects range from film, games, commercials, and publishing. Richard’s clients have included: Marvel studios, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, 20th Century FOX, Disney, NC Soft, Studio Canal, Samsung, Psyop, StarDust, and Random House.

He started out by moving from Montana in 2000 to go to school at the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated in 2002 with a associates of applied arts in animation. He started my first job at Arena Net on the first Guildwars game in 2003, where he worked for the next 8 years. In 2011, Richard was given a opportunity to move to London and work at the effects house MPC on a few projects including Ridley Scott’s Promethius and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Richard then moved to the art department at Framestore in 2012 where he worked on Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Edge of Tomorrow. In 2013, he was given the opportunity to go back to games, working for Rocksteady Studios on the Arkham Knight, where he works today.

NESFA Press Guest: Bob Eggleton

bob-eggletonNESFA Press Guest Bob Eggleton is an award winning science fiction and fantasy artist who works on publishing projects and film concept work (such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully). He also has a passion for landscape work, small paintings, and exploring the properties of paint. He has won multiple Hugo Awards, Chesley Awards, The 1999 Skylark Award, and 2 Locus Awards. His art can be seen on many magazines and books. He has been elected as a Fellow of The International Association of Astronomical Artists (FIAAA), and is a Fellow of The New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA). Bob has also appeared as an “fleeing” extra in the 2002 film GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA.

Special Guests: Arnie & Cathy Fenner

arnie-cathy-finnerIn 1993, Cathy and Arnie combined both their personal and professional interests in the fantastic arts to form Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art—but that has not been the limit of their celebration of the field. They have written, designed, and edited a series of titles devoted to the works of Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Jones, Jon Foster, Robert E. McGinnis, John Jude Palencar, Dave Stevens, and many others that have been published by Underwood Books. The Fenners have also co-curated (with Irene Gallo and Gregory Manchess) two Spectrum exhibits at the Museum of American Illustration in New York City and have sponsored numerous student scholarships for aspiring artists. Together they’ve received ten Locus Awards and been nominated for the Hugo Award. Cathy and Arnie are constantly thinking of ways to expand the public’s awareness of and appreciation for the fantastic arts and the people who create it; they’re currently working on a new book about the history of the field. In addition, they are the head organizers of the annual event, Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

Eggleton-DragonBob Eggleton Special Exhibit and Retrospective

NESFA Press Guest Bob Eggleton presents a spectacular selection of his art, both past and present, with a special focus on his newer pieces. With multiple panels and dozens of pieces that feature of amazing monsters, spaceships, and dragons, this is an exhibit that is sure to spark the imagination!

Spectrum Inspired Exhibit for Boskone 53


“Imaginative Art from the Pages of Spectrum“, this year’s Boskone Special art Exhibit, showcases work that has appeared in the first twenty volumes of the acclaimed, Hugo winning, Spectrum series of art books. Edited by Boskone Special Guests, Cathy and Arnie Fenner, the Spectrum series has become known as a Who’s Who of imaginative illustrators.

Our exhibit features 70 pieces that have appeared in Spectrum from the beginning through the last issue the Fenners edited.  The exhibit is sourced from both artists and collectors, who have enthusiastically contributed both paintings and 3D pieces.

ShadowsFallWorks will be on display from more than 35 artists, including Julie Bell, Brom, Jim Burns, Thomas Canty, Vincent Di Fate, Dan Dos Santos, Eric Fortune, Randy Gallegos, Donato Giancola, John Harris, Nicholas Jainschigg, Jeff Jones, Thomas Kuebler, Jody Lee, Greg Manchess, Petar Meseldzija, John Jude Palencar, David Palumbo, Mark Poole, Boris Vallejo, Vincent Villafranca, Ron Walotsky, Michael Whelan and Mark Zug.

In addition, we expect a number of artists represented in the exhibit to be in attendance at Boskone, including Rick Berry, Kristina Carroll, Scott Grimando, Stephen Hickman, Ingrid Kallick, Tom Kidd, Gary Lippincott, Omar Rayyan, Ruth Sanderson, Dave Seeley, and of course Boskone Official Artist Richard Anderson and NESFA Press Guest Bob Eggleton,.

Artists Displaying in Art Show

The following artists as showing their works in the Art Show: Richard Anderson, Tommy Arnold, Elizabeth Bejar, Stan Bruns, Kristina Carroll, Andrew Cefalu, Lisa Cohen, Vicka Corey, Daniel Cortopassi, Robert Crooker, Charlene Taylor D’Alessio, Bob Eggleton, Sara Felix, Joleen Flasher, Rebecca Gallant, Linda Graves, Scott Grimando, Margery Harrison, Lisa Hertel, Clark Huggins, Jon Hunt, Jon Hunt, Ingrid Kallick, Tom Kidd, Jonathan D. Kutzer, Liz LaValley, Gary Lippincott, Max Martelli, Max Martelli, Theresa Mather, Sally Mayer, Carly Mazur, Sarah Menzel, Sarah Morrison, Erika Morton, Stephen Najarian, Brinda Nichols, Anne Nydam, William O’Connor, Priscilla Olson, David Lee Pancake, Marianne Plumridge-Eggleton, Sheila Rayyan, Omar Rayyan, Kimball Rudeen, Ruth Sanderson, David Seeley, Kate Seeley, Jane Sibley, Rick Sternbach, Alex Stone, Kendra Tornheim, Joan Turner, Vincent Villafranca, and Jim Zaccaria.
Don’t miss this opportunity to appreciate a fabulous selection of art that has appeared in the most prestigious series of art books in the field.  Attend a docent tour, talk to the artists and our guests, or simply wallow in the sense of wonder that this art engenders.

Print Shop

The Art Show also includes a Print Shop, with hundreds of reproductions available for immediate sale, and a resale area where anyone may enter previously-purchased items that they wish to sell.

The Art Show is Full

Please be aware that the Boskone 53 Art Show is full. This means that we are unable to provide space for any more artists.