Want to attend Boskone? We’d love to see you there! All attendees need to purchase a Boskone 53 convention membership. Online Registration System is closed. Please come to Registration at Boskone 53 and buy your membership in person. We will not sell out.

Full Weekend Rates

  • Adult Full Convention: $65
  • College Student Full Convention: $40 (school ID required)
  • K-12 Full Convention: $25 (school ID may be required)

One Day Rates

  • Friday One Day: $25
  • Saturday One Day: $45
  • Sunday One Day: $25

If you prefer not to use a credit card, you can also register at Boskone for either a Full Weekend or One Day pass.

Kids Memberships

All children (ages 7–12) who use Dragonslair services must be convention members. However, children under 10 who stay with their parents at all times are considered “kids-in-tow,” and need not have memberships. (“Kids-in-tow” do not receive any convention materials.)

We are not able to offer babysitting through the convention.

Press Policy