About Programming

Boskone’s Program Schedule offers an exciting variety of science fiction and fantasy panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops led by a diverse selection of program participants and speakers who range from authors, artists, publishers, editors, against, fans, and educators and librarians. We include hard SF and space opera, epic and urban fantasy, science and art, fandom and anime, new media and TV, horror and comics, music and singing, and heaps of related topics!

Program also includes interviews with our Guest of Honor, slide-shows and demos with our artists, and individual solo presentations by experts within their fields. You can expect exciting, cutting-edge programming at Boskone. Since programming items run concurrently, it will be your tough decision as to what to attend! If you have questions or ideas, please write to Program at Boskone because we want to hear from you.

Types of Programming

  • Art Exhibits, Discussions, & DemosSee our Artists in action as they create a new painting right before your eyes! Also, check out the art show for a unique look at some of the best art in the speculative fiction world.
  • Autographs/Signings—Program participants are available to sign your books in the Galleria on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dealers RoomThis is your chance to buy everything from brand new releases to rare books from the dealers in our Dealers Room!
  • Book Club—Read Clariel by Garth Nix and join in the Boskone Book Club discussion!
  • Discussion Groups—Join program participants and other members for small intimate conversations on focused topics in the Boskone Con Suite, our very own “living room of fandom.”
  • Dragonslair aka “Children’s Program”All kinds of fun and creative activities for children between the ages of 7-12.
  • Concerts & FilkFilksongs are fandom’s folksongs with themes of science fiction, fantasy, and fannish interests. Programming includes theme circles, NESFA Hymnal singing, and the Featured Musician Concert.
  • Anime and Film—Throughout the convention, we will host an marathon session of Anime and film favorites, including a special shorts feature from the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.
  • KaffeeklatschesJoin your favorite new or returning program participants over coffee, tea, or soda for an informal roundtable discussion. Attendance is limited; sign-up is required at Program Ops in the Galleria to secure your seat. Sign-up sheets are available the day before the Kaffeeklatsch.
  • Panels—Dozens of interactive and lively discussions by our program participants also come with your chance to ask questions and get in on the conversation.
  • Readings—Hear writers read and discuss their own works. You might even get a sneak peek at the next novel in your favorite series.
  • GamingFrom video games to the hottest new board games, members come together to play individual games and tournaments alike.
    • Jump in and demo some hot new games that haven’t hit the market yet. That’s right, game designers are coming in and you won’t be disappointed.
    • Join the Saturday tournament, which features 4 games in 5 hours with prizes for the top 4 winners. There is no cost to play, but please make sure you have the time to finish the games you start. Add your name to the sign-up sheet to guarantee your place in the tournament.

In addition to our regular program items, Boskone also hosts special events and parties throughout the weekend.