Gaming at Boskone includes a variety of tabletop games, video games, game demos, and tournaments.

Boskone Gaming Schedule

2:00 PM – Trains
2:00 PM – Ore: The Mining Game
4:00 PM – Can’t Stop
4:00 PM – S.U.E.T. — The Card Game
7:00 PM – Pathfinder Society RPG
8:00 PM – Steam Works
10:00 PM – Stone Age

10:00 AM – Avalanche
10:00 AM – S.U.E.T. — The Card Game
10:00 AM – Takenoko
10:00 AM – 5 Card Bluff
10:00 AM – Mistborn: Final Empire, Discussion Group
12:00 PM – Ore: The Mining Game
1:00 PM – Guru of the Game Room Tournament
2:30 PM – Pathfinder Society RPG
8:00 PM – Concordia
10:00 PM – King of Tokyo

10:00 AM – Avalanche
10:00 AM – DC Card Game
10:00 AM – S.U.E.T. — The Card Game
10:00 AM – 5 Card Bluff
11:00 AM – Pathfinder Society RPG
12:00 NOON – Puerto Rico

* * *

Game Room Information

Guru of the Game Tournament Rules

  • Suburbia
  • Steam Works
  • Vegas Showdown
  • Lords of Waterdeep

It’s 4 games in 5 hours. Points are awarded based on your position at the end of the game. Top 4 winners pick prizes off the prize table. You must be in Marina 1 by 12:30pm on Saturday to participate in the tournament. The first game will start at 1:00 pm.

Times, Timing, and Breaks

Each game is given 60 minutes. If the game doesn’t end in 60 minutes then at the end of 60 minutes each game will stop and points will be awarded based on players position at that time.

There is a 15 minute break between each game. You can leave gaming during this time but you must be back before the start time of the next game.

Scoring and Prizes

First place gets 10 points, second gets 9, third gets 8, and so on. Max points one can earn is 40. The top four players at the end of the fourth game get to pick prizes off the prize table until all prizes are gone.

Once you pick a game it belongs to you. You are free to keep it, trade it, or give it away. Due to legal reasons, however, you cannot sell the game whilst on hotel property.

Questions and Help

Although you can ask other players for help to clarify rules, keep in mind that the players do not have to tell the truth. Judges are impartial. You can ask the judge for help with a rules issue, but the judge will not play your game for you. The judge has final say on any issues that arise.

Game Room Rules

  • No swearing, fighting, or cheating is allowed. You will be asked to leave if caught.
  • Games marked as prizes or placed on a shelf marked ‘prizes’ are not to be opened.
  • You are free to pick any game not designated as a prize and play it in gaming. You may not take the game into another room or outside the game room.
  • Remember, these games belong to other people and they are being loaned. Please respect the games and return them in the condition they were in when you took them off the shelf.
  • If you damage a game, you bought it.
  • Please clean up after yourself. You can eat and drink but don’t spill anything.

Video Game Area Rules

  • No cheating. You will be asked to leave if caught.
  • You are not allowed to change the volume on the televisions.
  • If you need to change a battery, tell a GM.
  • No food or drink is allowed beyond the Red Line of Death.
  • All systems are off-line. You cannot download content.
  • There are no save cards.
  • Please use a guest account (not nagasn on the xbox, for example) on the 360.

* * *

Game Descriptions

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire ruled the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. With peace at the borders, harmony inside the provinces, uniform law and a common currency, the economy thrived and gave rise to mighty Roman dynasties as they expanded throughout the numerous cities. Guide one of these dynasties and send colonists to the remote realms of the Empire; develop your trade network; and appease the ancient gods to win their favor — all to gain the chance to emerge victorious! CONCORDIA is a peaceful strategy game of economic development in Roman times for 2 to 5 players age 13 and up. Instead of luck of dice or cards, players must rely on their strategic abilities. Be sure to watch your rivals to determine which goals they are pursuing and where you can outpace them!

Gaming-KingOfTokyoKing of Tokyo
King of Tokyo is a game from Richard Garfield for 2 to 6 players in which you will be able to play mutant monsters gigantic robots and other aliens all of whom are happily whacking each other in a joyous atmosphere in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo. When it is your turn to play you throw six dice. Each die bears the following six symbols: 1 2 or 3 Points of Destruction Energy Healing and Whack. In three successive throws you are going to choose whether to keep or discard each die in order to come up with combinations that will enable you to win destruction points hoard energy restore your health or whack other players into understanding Tokyo is your territory. The fiercest player will be crowned King of Tokyo and will end up facing all the other monsters alone! Top this off with special cards that you can purchase with energy and that have a permanent or temporary effect such as the growing of a second head which grants you an additional die body armor nova death ray and more and you hold one of the most explosive games of the year! In order to win the game one must either destroy Tokyo by accumulating 20 destruction points or be the only surviving monster once the fighting has ended.

Ore: The Mining GameORE
Ore: The Mining Game is an independently developed table top strategy game where players compete as mining barons during the great Industrial Age. You will carefully manage your workforce to achieve both riches and renown. Will you cast your miners into the earth to extract the largest mineral deposits? Will you negotiate key contracts, assuming a certain amount of risk to gain great sums of money? Or will you direct your workers to construct railroads, processing plants, and charities to give you a competitive advantage?

Gaming-PuertoRicoPuerto Rico
The most critically acclaimed board game of the last twenty years, Puerto Rico continues to wow people with its brilliant mechanics. Each player utilizes different roles -mayor, captain, settler, trader, prospector, craftsman, or builder to score the most victory points with their colony. Players can act on every turn of the game, allowing them to choose between shipping goods for points or building an impressive city. Players must manage their colonists, erect a variety of buildings, build up their plantation, and sell or ship goods. With dozens of options, Puerto Rico is a streamlined game that can be played in about an hour and handles up to five players.

Steam WorksGaming-SteamWorks
Inventors and tinkerers abound in the Victorian era, harnessing the power of clockwork, steam and electricks to build machines capable of anything! In Steam Works, you’ll put your mechanics to work collecting components and power sources, and then you’ll literally build devices by assembling those sources and components. Build attractive devices, score points when your opponents use them and make sure the effects you want are in play.

Stone Age
Gaming-StoneAgeThe Dawn of Mankind. Our ancestors were hard workers, resting only very little. Luckily for us, their ingenuity allowed them to make their work easier, day after day. In Stone Age, players are sent back to that arduous period of history. With tools, quite archaic at first, you will be able to collect wood, stone and gold. These resources will allow you to attain higher levels of knowledge and build sturdier roofs over your head. Though luck plays an im­portant part in the game, only those who master their fate will be able to grasp victory. Finally, one mustn’t forget to feed their tribe as that would represent a major setback for them. Relive history. CARVE YOUR VICTORY — IN STONE.Gaming-SUET

S.U.E.T. — The Card Game
A Game of Minor League Masterminds and Their Dastardly Devices!
So you want to become a member of the Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place. SUET the Card Game is a game where you take the role of one of four evil geniuses trying to gain entry into this… illustrious(?) organization.


Gaming-TakenokoThe players take the role of courtesans of the Nippon emperor. They take care of his giant panda by growing a bamboo plantation. Their mission: to farm parcels of land, irrigate them, and have green, yellow or pink bamboo grow. In turn, they see what the weather brings and perform two actions from among those offered to them: get a new plot of land or irrigation channel, grow bamboo, feed the panda or draw an objective card. The game ends when a player has completed 7 to 9 objectives (depending on the number of players). The player who gets the best score by adding the total value of their completed objective wins the game.

5 Card Bluff


Can’t Stop

DC Card Game

Pathfinder Society RPG