View the list of committee members that are making Boskone 53 a reality!


Chair: Tim Szczesuil

Treasurer: Suford Lewis
E-commerce: Sharon Sbarsky
Guest Liaison: Rick Katze
Debriefing: David G. Grubbs
Hotel: Gay Ellen Dennett
Assistants: Stephen Boucher, Jim Mann, Kris “Nchanter” Snyder, Ben Yalow
Space: Chip Hitchcock

Program Director: Erin Underwood
Deputy: Priscilla Olson
Staff: Brenda Noiseux, Jackie Kamlot, Bob Kuhn, Bob Devney, JoAnn Cox, Gillian Daniels, MaryBeth Fitzgerald, Tim Szczesuil
Program Ops: Terry Fong
Autographing: Laurie Mann
Program Ops Staff: Ian Stockdale, MaryBeth Fitzgerald, Erin Underwood, Bob Kuhn, Tim Szczesuil
Program Tech: Rick Kovalcik
Pocket Program: Alice Lewis
Text: Alice Lewis, Erin Underwood
Graphics/Layout: Alice Lewis
DragonsLair: Persis Thorndike
Filk: Benjamin Newman
Gaming: Bill Todd
Video/Anime: Mike Kerpan
Events: David G. Grubbs
Events Staff: Sylke Proft
Events Sound:
Peter Olszowka, Mary Olszowka
Reception: Gay Ellen Dennett
Awards Script & MC: David G. Grubbs
Plaques & Awards: Tony Lewis

Art Show: Ann Broomhead
Setup/Teardown: Chip Hitchcock
Artist Check-in/Check-out: 
Print Shop:
Bidder Registration:
Art Show Sales: Mark Richards
Mail-in Art:
Auctioneer: Tony Lewis
Staff: The usual suspects from the P.E.C.F.A.S.C.
Eggleton Special Exhibit:
Spectrum Special Exhibit: Edie Stern & Joe Siclari
Gaughan Exhibit: Claire Anderson
Dealers Room: Sharon Sbarsky
Fan Tables: Geri Sullivan
Con Suite: Dale Farmer

Information/Volunteers: Lis Carey
Logistics: Rick Kovalcik
Office: Adina Adler & Deb Geisler
Setup of Vonage Telephone: Dave Cantor
Sign Shop: Robert Luoma
Security Liaison: Tim Szczesuil
Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky
Den: Joni Brill Dashoff, Susan “Suli” Isaacs, Fred Isaacs
SBOF (on-site manager): Debbie Deutsch
Handicapped Services: Joe Ross
Marketing: Erin Underwood, Melanie Meadors
Pre-registration: David G. Grubbs
Assistant: Steven Lee
Badge Design: Alice Lewis
Badge Production: David G. Grubbs, Rick Kovalcik
At-Con Registration: Richard Duffy
Deputy and Technical Assistant: Dave Cantor
Staff: Michael Sharrow and David Shaw

Shopping: Dave & Claire Anderson
Guest Liaison: Rick Katze

Flyers Design: Alice Lewis
Newsletter/Progress Reports (pre-con):
Newsletter/Helmuth (at-con): Michael Nelson
Postcard: David G. Grubbs
Souvenir Book Editor: Tony Lewis
Intern: Mike Kerpan
Designer: Alice Lewis
Advertising Sales: Rick Katze
Restaurant Guide: Thanks to  Arisia!
Website/Social Media: Sharon Sbarsky & Brenda Noiseux

NESFA Sales: Sharon Sbarsky
Assistant: Kelly Persons
Cash Register Wrangler: Dave Cantor
Advance Sales/Orders: Gay Ellen Dennett
Email Liaison: Sharon Sbarsky
Short Story Contest: Michael Sharrow
Assistant: David G. Grubbs
Judges: David G. Grubbs, Suford Lewis, Tony Lewis
Skylark Award:
Peter Olson
Gaughan Award:
Erin Underwood