The Boskone Dealers Room provides a varied shopping experience. Our attendees are of course fans of science fiction and fantasy, but we also have readers of literary hard science fiction, writers in the genre and science enthusiasts.

Boskone 53 Dealers

Alexandra’s SteamPunk Emporium
Angelwear Creations
Another Grungy Hole in the Wall Bookstore
Arc Manor / Phoenix Pick
Auntie Arwen’s Spices/Hutnik’s Used Books
Broad Universe
Dragonwell Publishing
Eyrie House Books
Fantastic Books
Fantasy Jewelry
David Gerrold
Hellcat Press
Jade Forest Armoury
Tom Kidd
Larry Smith Books
Midnight House Elves
The Mind’s Eye Book Store
Old Earth Books
Pandemonium Books & Games Inc.
The Picklepot
Pink Narcissus Press
Sign of the Unicorn
Strangelet Press
Studio Rayyan
Wolf Blair Creations