Boskone has a long history of supporting excellence in science fiction and fantasy art. Boskone offers several opportunities to display your artwork. Whether you’re entering the Art Show or exhibiting in the Print Shop, you’ll have an appreciative audience at your disposal.

Artist and Reseller Options

Boskone offers three different ways for artists and resellers to display and sell work at the convention. Interested parties must review the Art Show Rules and submit the Entry Form.

  • Art Show: An exhibition of original work in science fiction, fantasy, and/or fannish nature. Art can be made available for sale.
  • Print Shop: At the Print Shop, patrons can immediately purchase prints of your artwork.
  • Art Resale: Dealers or patrons looking to sell works from their personal art collections can purchase space.

How to Submit

Interested parties must review the Art Show Rules and submit the Entry Form.


The basic unit of space for flat work is the panel, which is made of pegboard (holes 1″ apart) and is 4′ high by 6′ wide. For 3-D art, the basic unit is the table, which is 6′ long by 30″ deep. The available units and their prices are as follows:
¼ unit: $11
½ unit: $22
1 unit: $44
2 units: $88
3 units: $132 (returning artists only)

Each new artist may reserve up to one unit in combined panels and tables; returning artists may reserve up to three units. We may reduce your space and refund your money proportionally if we deem it necessary. All space must be paid in full prior to the art show.

Boskone accepts mailed-in art and prints. There is a $20 hanging fee per artist for mailed-in art which must be hung by the the Boskone Art Show crew; there is no fee if you are shipping art but having a non-crew member hang it.

Print Fees

The fee for prints is a flat $1/print.