Bob Eggleton is a successful science fiction, fantasy and landscape artist. He is the winner of 9 Hugo Awards.

12 Chesley Awards, The 1999 Skylark Award and 2 Locus Awards his art can be seen on many magazines and books.


His Illustrated books are: THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON by H.G.Wells(1989, Donning), DRAGONHENGE(2002)and THE STARDRAGONS(2005)(both with John Grant and published by Chrysalis Books and THE BOOK OF SEA MONSTERS with Nigel Suckling(Overlook Press).
His artbooks are ALIEN HORIZONS(1995) GREETINGS FROM EARTH(2000)(Hugo Winner, 2001) (Paper Tiger)and PRIMAL DARKNESS(2003)(Cartouche/Steve Jackson Games) Bob has also worked as a conceptual illustrator for movies such as SPHERE(1998) JIMMY NEUTRON BOY GENIUS(2001) and THE ANT BULLY(2006) and the thrill ride STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE in Las Vegas.

Of late, Bob has worked doing more animated movie concept work, private commissions, self commissioned work and illustrated books.
He has been elected as a Fellow of The International Association of Astronomical Artists (FIAAA), and is a Fellow of The New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA).

He also appeared as an “fleeing” extra in the 2002 film GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA.